10 Week No Prep Course Jr. High Technology Computer Science Unit Plan Curriculum

10 Week No Prep Course Jr. High

Technology Computer Science Unit Plan Curriculum


7 - 8


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10 Awesome weeks of Jr. High technology Class for students of all interests from animation to coding for Middle School students! This is a genius resource for 10 very unique web activities, all free, for the teacher in need of some compelling computer science content, but perhaps without the time to custom design activities and web quests. I love these hand made resources, and so do my students!! My middle school students enjoy and learn a lot in these varied and engaging lesson plans. No prep needed. This is tried and tested curriculum that you can modify as needed for your classroom's Jr. High technology considerations.


When I was tasked with replacing a departing technology instructor with no notice, I needed solutions, so I created my own! Using dynamic tools from around the internet for a variety of interests to be met in interactive activities. This short computer science course resource took me a month to create and guided students through 10 weeks (or longer if you choose to extend and expand on them.) All you need is an internet connection. (Google Docs is a plus)


Students will work with art, graphic design, coding, gaming, and more and these pages are ready to print and distribute, or to give digital access to students for completion. These tools require no extra cost, or money, but it does help if they have Google accounts for creating documents or signing up for digital services. Its a great variety of technological skills and experiences to interest many different student areas of interests.


Students will learn (hands-on) a lot about many subjects while gaining valuable skills to learn in computer science and across various curriculum. This unit plan of computer science also teaches the importance of organization, planning, and good study skills with tools like google Calendar, EdPuzzle, Code.org, and more! Ready to print!


Suggestion - have each student start a Powerpoint or Google Slides and put screenshots or what they learned on a slide for each week as a unit project! These are ready to print and distribute, or you can edit/adjust to your liking.


SAVE 30% versus buying all of these resources separately.

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