AP Lit and Comp Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad

AP Lit and Comp Heart of Darkness by

Joseph Conrad


9 - 12


English Language Arts

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Advanced Placement (AP)

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Heart of Darkness is a novel I taught to prepare my students for the AP Lit exam. The main element I focused on besides figurative language was setting.


This is made up of very specific AP level types of questions. They are very comprehensive and in-depth. There are many questions dealing with specific types of figurative language. I included the answers directly underneath the question so they can easily be edited out by the teacher to make copies or upload electronically for students.


I purchased testing materials from Applied Practice and used the multiple choice and prose essay prompts to assess my students at an AP Level. I think Applied Practice is a fantastic resource to assess students at an AP Level for novels and poetry.


My strategy is to break up the assessments into three sections. The students would read and answer the questions I created for the first third of the novel before I assess them using Applied Practice.


For the assessments, I would have students get into groups and take the first set of multiple choice tests that corresponds with the first third of the novel as a group with each individual turning in their own answer sheet. They choose their own groups and learn from each other especially when students can't agree and choose different answers, then they see who had the correct answer.


The students will take another group test for the next part of the novel. Each student has their own answer key but hopefully they choose a different group to see how different people analyze the test questions and come up with the answers.


The last third of the novel they have to take the test individually using the skills of analysis and multiple choice test taking strategies from their groups.


I make the group tests worth half as much as the individual test. The rationale behind the first two sets of tests being group is because students learn from each other and are able teach each other. They then have to use the skills they learned from each other to perform individually on the last test, which is worth twice as much as the group tests.


I usually assign one prose essay about halfway through the novel and an open topic after the individual test.


I have included my annotations of essay prompts.


I reformatted the 2019 College Board essay rubrics to fit on two pages so they can be minimized or copied front to back to be able to fit on one page.





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