Anthropology Full Course 8 Unit Bundle

Anthropology Full Course 8 Unit Bundle


9 - 12, Home School


Social Studies/History

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Full Year Curriculum

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This bundle includes 8 Units in Anthropology

1. What Anthropologists Do

2. Culture & Language

3. Human Evolution

4. The Human Animal

5. All About Food

6. Material Culture

7. Family Ties & Social Bonds

8. Religion: What We Believe


What is included in each unit:

  • Unit objectives and outline
  • Throughout the reading, vocabulary is in boldface type.
  • After every couple of pages, there is a section review.
  • At the end of the reading, there are:
    • unit review questions
    • critical thinking questions
    • a bank of 25 multiple choice & true-false questions that can be used for a test or quiz
    • a list of the vocabulary terms (along with suggested activities)
    • a graphic organizer
    • Link to video with questions
    • answer keys for all of the end-of-unit questions.
  • PowerPoint that correlates with the reading and includes talking notes
  • Cloze Notes to go with the PowerPoint with reflection boxes
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