Box Brown's Freedom Crate Reader's Theater Class Play Script

Box Brown's Freedom Crate Reader's

Theater Class Play Script


4 - 6


English Language Arts

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Historically accurate, carefully researched, and kid-friendly! Based on real events, Box Brown's Freedom Crate tells the story of Henry Brown. When Henry’s wife and children are sold away, Henry devises a plan to mail himself to the North in a wooden crate. With help from members of the Underground Railway and Philadelphia’s Ant-Slavery Society, Henry defies death as his crate is tossed from one train to the next. The play was originally published in the Feb/Mar 2001 issue of Storyworks, and it’s based on Brown’s autobiography, The Narrative of the Life of Henry "Box" Brown. It’s also the subject of a picture book, Henry’s Freedom Box (Scholastic, 2007), which can be useful as a paired text compare and contrast activity. This seven page, twenty minute classroom play script is well-suited to reader’s theater, or decorate a cardboard box and stage a poignant yet laugh-out-loud stage production. Includes parts for eight to twenty students, depending upon casting needs. Use it with students in grades 3 through 8 to improve fluency, build comprehension, and meet the Common Core Standards. Fully reproducible: the original purchaser is licensed to reproduce one classroom set per year.

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