Complete Lesson - Value Scales

Complete Lesson - Value Scales


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This complete lesson is great for any Teacher! With this assignment students will learn the basics of Value and how to apply it to their artwork. Included in this Complete lesson pack is a PowerPoint which explains the Element of Art, Value. It also explains a starting assignment where students practice Value Scales and a full drawing assignment where students use shapes, silhouettes, and grids to create a drawing that includes 4 forms of value.


You are also receiving an additional handout to reinforce the concept of Value with three small scale value practice assignments, including a completed Teacher example.


And last but not least you are receiving the written Lesson Plan that can be adapted to any lesson plan format. This includes Instructional Strategies, Thinking Skills, Instruction, Guided Practice and more.



Value Scale Directions

Value Scale Handout Student Copy

Value Scale Handout Teacher Copy

Value Scale Power Point (activities and instructions included in the Power Point)

Value Scale Lesson Plan

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