Concepts in History: Belief Systems

Concepts in History: Belief Systems


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Social Studies/History

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Welcome to the first lesson in “Concepts in History,” an 18-lesson deep dive into enduring concepts in history. These are the big ideas that keep repeating. There are many examples throughout history of each one, and they overlap and connect to each other all the time. For example, there is only one French Revolution, but there have been many types of revolutions throughout history.

Each lesson, you will have the opportunity to explore one concept, starting with a PowerPoint that defines the concept, provides many examples, connects the concept to historical thinking skills (causation, chronology, change and continuity.) The presentation includes extensive talking notes to assist in presenting to your class. Also included are suggested assignments for the learners that allow for application and exploration while they find their own examples and connect them to other concepts.

Included in the materials is a chart with all 18 concepts and their enduring questions so that you have them all in one sheet as handy reference. Additionally, in the(soon to offered) bundle or in this resource there is a concepts workbook for notetaking and even space for drawing a picture.


Belief Systems PowerPoint includes:

  • an overview of the history of religion/timeline
  • discussion of why religions exist
  • several historical examples of religion has impacted society (Crusades, 30 Years War, Galileo, current events)


All resources come in a zip file which includes the PowerPoint, directions and assignments, the list of concepts, and a read me file.

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