Ecosystems of the World

Ecosystems of the World


1 - 3, 4 - 6


English Language Arts, Science/STEM, Social Studies/History

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Ecosystems of the World...
This introduction to 6 ecosystems focuses on geography, natural resources, adaptations, and accommodations. Your students will finish up with a unique writing assessment and quiz so you can gauge learning and understanding. The ecosystems covered are deserts, tundra, grasslands, temperate forests, wetlands, and mountains.
The packet includes:
  • a summary activity on each of the 6 ecosystems
  • an informational drawing activity
  • a geography activity that will help kids understand on which continents each ecosystem can be found with teacher key
  • an activity about the natural resources we get from each ecosystem with examples of student responses
  • a poster activity about adaptations and accommodations that might be necessary in each of these ecosystems with examples of student responses
  • a diary writing and recording riddle activity with examples of student writing
  • a quiz to use as an assessment



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