Editable Student Course Placement Letter of Recommendation

Editable Student Course Placement Letter

of Recommendation


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Have you been asked to write a letter of recommendation for a student course placement and aren’t sure what to say?
I’ve written many of these types of letters over the years and I’ve got a simple formula for you that will satisfy the vast majority of the people who are asking you for this.
Details About This Resource
This resource contains 4 pages.
The file is a Power Point file, but since Peertopia does not allow upload of a PPT file, I have made it into a zip file with 2 files. File 1 contains all 4 of the pages listed below. The second document is a one page file consisting only of the Terms of Use.
Page 1: Terms of Use
Page 2: Tips for Writing Letters of Recommendation for Student Course Placements
Page 3: NOT Editable, PNG version of the letter as an example
Page 4: EDITABLE Power Point version of the template. Type directly onto this document.
*If you do not have Power Point as an available application, simply upload this into your Google Drive and then reopen the Power Point document as a Google Doc.
Best of luck with your letter writing!
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