Emancipation Reader's Theater Black History Play Script

Emancipation Reader's Theater Black

History Play Script


4 - 6


English Language Arts

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Freedom for the First Time is an emotionally powerful play based on actual Civil War-era narratives. It's historically-accurate, kid-friendly, and comes embedded with comprehension questions and historic photos. It tells the story of ten-year old Tyree during the time of the Civil War. Like many African-Americans during the era, Tyree believes whatever her masters say. But when Tyree’s brother, Sweet Walter, arrives with a band of Union soldiers to tell her the war is over, she and her family experience their day of Jubilee, the day they know freedom for the first time. This six page, twenty minute history play is well-suited to reader’s theater, or try collaborating with your music teacher and stage a spirited full production. Includes parts for from six to ten students plus extras, depending upon your casting needs. Use it with students in grades 3 through 8 to improve fluency, build comprehension, and inspire interest in US History.

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