Exponent Laws Power To A Power Task Cards

Exponent Laws Power To A Power Task



7 - 8, 9 - 12


ELL/Bilingual Ed., Math

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This resource is a set of 36 task cards that asks students to read a simple problem that shows a power raised to another power. They need to perform mental math to calculate the answer (all using basic multiplication).
I have used these task cards for grades 8 and 9, to introduce, reinforce, or review, depending on student level and need.
An answer key is provided.
A student recording sheet is provided.
Students are required to write the simplified version of a power raised to another power on the student recording sheet. Answers should remain in exponential form. There are some problems that include zero as an exponent. There are no negative exponents used, although there are some negative bases used.
Possible Ways to Use
•Use as a scoot-style game, where a card is on every student desk and students rotate to a new desk every 15-30 seconds or so and write their response on their student response sheet.
•Use as an verbal assessment, where you pull a task card and you have the student verbally answer the prompt.
•Use for stations, where you have the students do each card verbally with a partner and also record the answer on the recording sheet.
•Use as a “Footloose” style activity where the task cards are taped or placed in various places around the room and students wander around to record the answer to all of the task cards on the student recording sheet. I even like to play the theme song to Footloose while students are walking around.
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