Fun MATH Crossword Puzzle TRICKY!  STEM

Fun MATH Crossword Puzzle TRICKY! STEM


7 - 8, 9 - 12


Math, Science/STEM

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Single-page Worksheets

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This fun, quirky Crossword Puzzle is a perfect SUB Activity. This will take 1-2 classes (in Middle School). I suggest you go over some of the HARDER ones marked on your KEY.  Key included. No Word Bank.

This can be CHALLENGING - a lot of Critical Thinking is required. They will likely HAVE to work together!!   When I went through to choose which items my IEP students could do, I realized that none of these were straight forward.

Sample Questions:

3. (two plus three) x (three times two)

4. Negative forty seven plus fifty

5. For ex., 48, 200, -30, 44, 972, 2

7. ninety six plus thirty two, then divided by 2, then subtract (three x twenty) then subtract 3.

8. seven ___ into forty two six times.

10. PEMDAS means you should do Parentheses first, ___ do Exponents.

12. NFL team named after gold rush men: The Forty ______

13. twenty percent plus thirty percent


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