Integer or Non-Integer? Sheltered Instruction Quiz-Quiz-Trade Game

Integer or Non-Integer? Sheltered

Instruction Quiz-Quiz-Trade Game


4 - 6, 7 - 8


ELL/Bilingual Ed., Math

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Is a number an integer or a non-integer? This game is great for teaching what an integer is and is also perfect for review.
Students are asked to look at a number that is either an integer or a non-integer. They then use a sentence frame to verbally tell a partner if the number is an integer or not, For example, they would see the number 2/3 and say "This number is not an integer."
Curious about trying out a Quiz-Quiz-Trade Activity, but not quite ready to commit? Try out this free sample! You could use it as a practice to get students used to the format of the game.
Sheltered language strategies are teaching strategies that focus on teaching academic vocabulary at the same time as academic content. These types of strategies have been researched and shown to improve student learning, especially for ELLs. This Quiz-Quiz-Trade (QQT) game combines both academic vocabulary building and student interaction. It is different from many other Quiz-Quiz-Trade games because it provides sentence starters and asks students to read the complete sentence and fill in the answer as an embedded part of the activity. Because of this, students are explicitly required to interact with both academic language and content at the same time.
This resource contains
•36 ready to use QQT cards (4 cards per page, 9 pages)
*If you have more than 36 students in your class, then simply print more cards. The cards will get mixed up and used again anyway, so it does not matter.
How to play Quiz-Quiz-Trade
1.Cut out the playing cards, making sure that one horizontal pair (Quiz Side/Answer Side) is cut as one card.
2.Fold each card in half down the middle, following the dashed line.
3.Give each student one card.
4.Students should hold the card with the Answer Side facing them and the Quiz side facing their partner.
5.Person 1 starts and reads the sentence frame from the Quiz Side of their partner’s card, verbally saying the complete sentence, filling in the blanks. Person 2 checks the answer from the Answer Side of their card, affirming correct answers, or coaching if needed.
6.With the same partner, reverse roles.
7.Trade cards, find a new partner and repeat, switching partners until the teacher stops the game.
Teacher tips
•Play along side your students. Have fun!
•Enforce the use of the sentence frames, that is one of the most important parts!
 •Model the game before students play for the first time, focusing on…
•Kind and friendly interactions
•Giving friendly feedback such as “nice work!” or “exactly right!”
•Giving coaching feedback such as “try reading it again and double check your answer”.
•Keeping an appropriate distance from your partner.
•Not too close; no need to hold the card 1 inch from their face.
•Not too far away; they need to be able to see the card.
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