Mixed Exponent Laws Task Cards Beginner Level

Mixed Exponent Laws Task Cards Beginner



7 - 8, 9 - 12



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This resource is a set of 36 task cards that asks students to mentally simplify basic exponential expressions using exponent laws. This set of cards uses:
•The Product Law
•The Quotient Law
•Power to a Power
•Zero Exponents
•Negative Exponent Law
I have used these task cards for grades 8 to introduce, reinforce, or review exponent laws, depending on student level and need.
An answer key is provided.
A student recording sheet is provided.
I encourage you to have students practice justifying their answers verbally with a peer.
This activity is great for both ELLs and native English speakers, and the use of peer interaction can help scaffold the activity for many types of diverse learners.
Possible Ways to Use
•Use as a scoot-style game, where a card is on every student desk and students rotate to a new desk every 30 seconds or so and record their answer.
•Use as a verbal assessment, where you pull a task card and you have the student verbally answer and justify their thinking if needed.
•Use for stations, where you have the students do each card verbally with a partner and also record the answer on the recording sheet.
•Use as a “Footloose” style activity where the task cards are taped or placed in various places around the room and students wander around to record the answer to all of the task cards on the student recording sheet. I even like to play the theme song to Footloose while students are walking around.
•Have students work in groups of 4, where each group has their own set of task cards.
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