Numeramon - A Math Card Game (inspired by the Pokemon Trading Card Game)

Numeramon - A Math Card Game (inspired

by the Pokemon Trading Card Game)


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What would be a better way for your students to practice subtraction (and addition) than with a card game that was inspired by the Pokemon TCG? It is definitely more fun than a worksheet! In the game two students will play against each other. Each student controls three 'Numeramon'. A Numeramon is a creature with a certain amount of Health Points (HP) and an attack move. The students will roll dice to deal damage to their opponent's Numeramon. As soon as one student knocks out all of the opponent's Numeramon that student wins and the game ends.

During the game, the students will have to practice subtraction from up to 30. They also have to roll 2 dice and add up the result. They will keep track of their work on the "Health Point Tracker".

The 'Product File' includes:

- 3 different 'decks' of 3 Numeramon (Fire, Water, Grass)
- Playmats and Health Point Tracker
- Game Rules
- Templates to create your own Numeramon (a Power Point presentation is included -> you can edit the card templates)

All files come in color and in greyscale. In total there are 21 pages in color and 21 pages in greyscale.

Thank you for your purchase and I hope you and your students enjoy the game!

Disclaimer: The Pokemon name, trademark and franchise are all Copyright to Nintendo, Pokemon, Creatures Inc and Game Freak inc. This Card game claims no rights or association with aforementioned companies or their products.

Neither of the Numeramon depict an existing Pokemon. The amazing illustrations of the Numeramon are done by the talented Owen Wilson, who allowed me to use them. You can find more of his work here:
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