Origins of the Vietnam War PP Notes for U.S. History

Origins of the Vietnam War PP Notes for

U.S. History


9 - 12, Home School


Social Studies/History

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This visually stimulating presentation provides a detailed overview of the origins of the Vietnam War (1950-1967). It can be used by instructor as tool to facilitate class discussion (and notes), or uploaded into google classroom for independent student use. The 19 slide presentation is filled with colorful pictures, maps, and other relevant information that will breathe life into this fascinating era of history while providing a platform in which to build additional related activities. If you'd like a version you can edit, shoot me an email and I'll be happy to help!


Topics include:

* The emergence of Ho Chi Mihn, the Vietnamese independence movement (from France), the founding of the Viet Mihn, & the First Indochina War.

* Harry Truman's Vietnam policy.

* The decisive Viet Mihn victory over France (1954) & the decisions agreements made at the Geneva Conference.

* Dwight Eisenhower's Vietnam policy, U.S. support of Ngo Dinh Diem, & the mounting problems in South Vietnam.

* John Kennedy's Vietnam policy, the assassination of the unpopular Diem.

* Lyndon Johnson inherits a mess in Vietnam after JFK assassination.

* The Gulf of Tonkin incident, the Gulf of Tonkin resolution, & the U.S. expansion of the Vietnam War.

* LBJ and his advisers (both hawks & doves) debate how to move forward.

* LBJ decides to dramatically increase American troop levels & Americanizes the Vietnam War.

* Lesson learning target on the bottom of every slide.

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