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Personalized Content Marketing


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Teach your students to create a unique customer experience & increase engagement by personalizing your content!

There are 4 main chapters in the coursebook, as well as an introduction and conclusion:

Introduction – What is Personalized Content? In the introductory module, you'll cover exactly what personalized content is, why it's essential, and the learning objectives for the course. You'll encourage students to think about where they're currently using personalized content in their marketing strategy, and where they think implementing it might help.

What You Need to Know Before You Can Personalize- In module 2, you'll show your students the different types of information they'll need to collect before they begin with their content personalization. You'll teach them both the types of data to look for, and how to define their target market so that they can create the most relevant content for them.

Get Started Personalizing Your Content- To start producing personalized content, your students will first identify where it fits in their marketing, before considering whether they will automate or publish content manually. You'll then explore the types of content your students' audience will best respond to according to the information they have about them, before discussing methods of repurposing and automating content publication.

Advanced Content Personalization- Now that your students are versed in the basics, you can introduce them to a few advanced techniques. You'll discuss geo-targeting, platforms to collect and analyze data on an audience, content recommendations for larger audiences, and CRM systems – a complete solution in Customer Relationship Management. Then students can identify how they'll expand their personalization efforts in the future.

Refine Your Content Personalization as You Grow- Students will need to monitor their content strategies in order to understand what's working and what isn't. In this module, you'll teach them the correct questions to ask regarding the success of their content, as well as the metrics to consider for each content type.

Conclusion and Next Steps- In the final module, you'll do a quick round-up of what students have learned, as well as a reminder to continue to monitor and tweak their strategies to achieve the best results.

Materials included in this Resource Bundle include:

Personalized Content Marketing Course Book (31 pages), which teaches your students everything they'll need to know about personalizing their content for their audience.

 Workbook, a set of worksheets which you can use alongside the activities outlined in the book, so your students can take action and get results.

Summary Checklist, which gives an outline summary of the key points from the coursebook, so students will have their own reference cheat sheet as a reminder (this is great as an overview for you too!)


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