Physics Science Experiment STEM projects MEGA pack #4 - 50 Holiday STEM Labs

Physics Science Experiment STEM projects

MEGA pack #4 - 50 Holiday STEM Labs


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The 50 STEM Labs Series is all about increasing the level of fun while teaching engineering. In this latest volume, the 50 STEM Labs are all based around holiday and season themes.

Add a bit of holiday cheer to your STEM lessons and STEAM activities for holidays and occasions like:

*April Fool’s Day *Arbor Day *Children’s Day *Christmas *Cinco de Mayo *Columbus Day *Earth Day *Easter *Father’s Day *Flag Day *Groundhog Day *Halloween *Hanukkah *Independence Day *Labor Day *Lunar New Year *MLK Day *Mother’s Day *Memorial Day *New Year’s *President’s Day *Read Across America Day *St. Patrick’s Day *Thanksgiving *Valentine’s Day *Veteran’s Day

April Fool’s Day: Noisemakers (Humor, Jokes, Sound)
Arbor Day: Tree Growers (Earth Science, Life Cycles, Nature, Plants)
Birthdays: Opening Presents (Design, Machines, Motion)
Children’s Day: Koinobori (Flight, Wind)
Christmas: Bobsleds (Friction, Inertia, Motion, Vehicles)
Christmas: Candy Stripers (Machines, Task Completion)
Christmas: Christmas Trees (Aesthetics, Decorations, Plants)
Christmas: Reindeer Races (Energy, Measurement, Speed)
Christmas: Sticky Snowballs (Friction, Grip, Machines)
Christmas: Stockings by the Chimney (Accuracy, Distance, Engineering, Machines)
Christmas: Wreath Tossers (Accuracy, Distance, Machines)
Cinco de Mayo: Maracas (Instruments, Music, Sound)
Columbus Day: 3 Ships (Boats, Buoyancy, Flotation, Sinking, Water)
Earth Day: Layered Earths (Earth Science, Geology)
Earth Day: Recyclers (Conservation, Design, Recycling)
Earth Day: Water Cycle (Models, Nature, Water Cycle, Weather)
Easter: Candy Catchers (Accuracy, Design, Machines)
Easter: Egg Coasters (Accuracy, Coasters, Tracks)
Father’s Day: Table Sports (Design, Models, Sports)
Flag Day: Flag Raisers (Engineering, Patriotic, Pulleys)
Groundhog Day: Pop-up Phil (Animals, Engineering, Machines)
Halloween: Articulated Skeletons (Anatomy, Human Body, Life Science)
Halloween: Flying Bats (Animals, Distance, Flight, Time)
Halloween: Jack o’ Lanterns (Light, Models, Plants)
Hanukkah: Spinning Dreidels (Design, Motion, Rotation, Time) 
Independence Day: Air-Powered Rockets (Air, Distance, Flight, Height, Patriotic)
Independence Day: Flying Eagles (Animals, Distance, Flight, Patriotic, Time)
Kwanzaa: Vibunzi (Models, Plants)
Labor Day: Construction Zone (Buildings, Design, Engineering)
Lunar New Year: Dragon Puppets (Design, Motion, Puppets)
Lunar New Year: HongBao Envelopes (Containers, Design, Models)
Lunar New Year: Lantern Festival (Design, Light, Models)
MLK Day: Megaphones (Design, Sound)
Mother’s Day: Growing Flowers (Life Cycles, Plants)
Memorial Day: 21 Gun Salute (Flight, Machines, Patriotic)
New Year’s: Ball Droppers (Engineering, Gravity, Time)
President’s Day: Capitol Buildings (Architecture, Buildings, Design, Models)
President’s Day: Mount Rushmore (Architecture, Design, Models)
Read Across America Day: Page Turners (Design, Machines)
St. Patrick’s Day: Leprechaun Traps (Design, Engineering, Machines, Traps)
St. Patrick’s Day: Pots o‘ Gold (Accuracy, Distance, Tracks)
St. Patrick’s Day: Shamrock Blasters (Machines, Throwers)
Thanksgiving: Candy Corns (Candy, Design, Engineering)
Thanksgiving: Flying Turkeys (Animals, Distance, Flight, Height)
Thanksgiving: Leaf Blowers (Air, Machines, Time)
Valentine’s Day: Bridge to My Heart (Architecture, Bridges, Weight)
Valentine’s Day: Cupid’s Bow (Distance, Flight, Motion)
Valentine’s Day: Love Boats (Boats, Buoyancy, Flotation, Water)
Valentine’s Day: Mail Sorter (Design, Shapes, Sorting, Task Completion)
Veterans Day: By Land, Sea, or Air (Boats, Flight, Machines, Motion, Patriotic, Vehicles) ‚Äč
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