Physics Science Experiment STEM projects MEGA pack #5 - 50 MORE Holiday Labs

Physics Science Experiment STEM projects

MEGA pack #5 - 50 MORE Holiday Labs


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The 50 STEM Labs Series is all about increasing the level of fun while teaching engineering. In this latest volume, the 50 STEM Labs are all based around holiday and season themes.

Add more holiday cheer to your STEM lessons and STEAM activities for holidays with 50 more holiday-themed projects for these seven major holidays and events:
*Christmas *Easter *Halloween *St. Patrick’s Day *Thanksgiving *Valentine’s Day *Patriotic Holidays

Christmas: Christmas Lights (Lights, Reflection, Refraction)
Christmas: Ice Boats (Boats, Distance, Friction, Speed, Wind)
Christmas: Ice Fishing (Devices, Engineering, Fishing, Ice)
Christmas: Igloos (Building, Engineering, Insulators, Temperature, Water)
Christmas: Out of Control Snowballs (Collecting Materials, Gravity, Mass, Weight)
Christmas: Ski Jumps (Distance, Flight, Measurement, Winter Sports)
Christmas: Sleigh Races (Cars, Friction, Speed, Tracks, Time, Weight)
Christmas: Snow Plows (Machines, Task Completion, Time, Tools, Weather)
Easter: Bunny Hoppers (Animals, Distance, Height, Measurement, Models, Movement)
Easter: All Your Eggs in One Basket (Eggs, Engineering, Design, Packaging, Protection)
Easter: Bobbing for Eggs (Accuracy, Buoyancy, Eggs, Grabbers, Time)
Easter: Egg Chutes (Accuracy, Chutes, Distance, Eggs, Measurement, Tracks)
Easter: Egg-a-Pults (Distance, Measurement, Siege, Throwers)
Easter: Egg-athlon (Multiple Events, Student-Created Challenges)
Easter: Rabbitats (Animals, Environments, Habitats, Life Science)
Easter: Stylin’ Eggs (Art, Eggs, Paint, Task Completion)
Halloween: Bobbing for Apples (Accuracy, Simple Machines, Task Completion, Tools)
Halloween: Candy Sweepers (Task Completion, Time, Tools, Work)
Halloween: Egging Houses (Accuracy, Distance, Machines, Simple Machines)
Halloween: Floating Ghosts (Flight, Hang Time, Time)
Halloween: Monster Mashers (Crushing, Device, Size, Smashing)
Halloween: Straw Mazes (Light, Models, Plants)
Halloween: Witches Brew (Accuracy, Chemical Reactions, Chemistry, Distance)
Patriotic: 50 States (Clay, Maps, Models, Patriotic, USA)
Patriotic: Crossing the Delaware (Boats, Buoyancy, Task Completion, Vehicles, Water)
​Patriotic: Fireworks in a Jar (Mixtures, Solutions, Suspensions)
Patriotic: Presidential Memorial (Culture, Models, Presidents, Social Studies, USA)
Patriotic: Recycled Monuments (Culture, Geology, Models, Social Studies)
Patriotic: Red, White, and Blue (Art, Design, Patriotic)
St. Patrick’s Day: Green Houses (Design, Engineering, Gardening, Life Cycles, Plants)
St. Patrick’s Day: Green Machine (Devices, Machines, Measurement, Water)
St. Patrick’s Day: Irish Jig (Culture, Dancing, Devices, Movement)
St. Patrick’s Day: Magic Jars (Mixtures, Solubility, Suspensions, Water)
St. Patrick’s Day: Money Counters (Coins, Counting, Devices, Machines)
St. Patrick’s Day: Rainbow Makers (Light, Rainbows, Refraction, Water, Weather)
St. Patrick’s Day: Shamrock Stamper (Devices, Engineering, Machines, Simple Machines)
Thanksgiving: Acorn Collectors (Accuracy, Design, Time, Tools)
Thanksgiving: Cornucopias (Accuracy, Distance, Engineering, Physics, Throwers, Time)
Thanksgiving: Gravy Boats (Boats, Buoyancy, Volume)
Thanksgiving: Pilgrim’s Progress (Architecture, Civil Engineering, Maps, Social Studies)
Thanksgiving: Pumpkin Pie Eaters (Accuracy, Food, Teamwork, Tools)
Thanksgiving: Scarecrows (Agriculture, Animal Behavior, Models, Movement, Sound)
Thanksgiving: Teepee Time (Architecture, Cultural Studies, Engineering, Social Studies)
Valentines: A Rose by Any Other Name (Design, Models, Plants)
Valentines: All Boxed Up (Design, Geometry, Nets, Shapes)
Valentines: Box of Chocolates (Decorating, Design, Food)
Valentines: Grab Your Hearts (Accuracy, Design, Task Completion)
Valentines: Heart-Shaped Air Mail (Accuracy, Design, Distance, Fliers, Motion, Planes)
Valentines: Mail Sorters (Design, Shapes, Sorting, Task Completion)
Valentines: Tower of Hearts (Design, Engineering, Height, Measurement, Towers)

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