Punctuation Fluency Cards - Practice reading fluency - with punctuation FUN!!

Punctuation Fluency Cards - Practice

reading fluency - with punctuation FUN!!


1 - 3, 4 - 6


English Language Arts, Special Education

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A really fun way to practice reading with punctuation!


One of the key components of fluent reading is being able to understand the usage of punctuation in text. Readers who can identify the meaning of punctuation in text will be able to read fluently, and thus comprehend what he/she is reading. For example, if a readers repeatedly skips over commas or periods, he/she is not reading fluently, and will have a difficult time understanding the text.


In this way, understanding PUNCTUATION has a direct effect on COMPREHENSION. These “PUNCTUATION FLUENCY CARDS” will help your students practice reading with punctuation in a FUN WAY!


The cards practice the following punctuation marks:

  • Comma
  • Period
  • Question Mark
  • Exclamation Point


Included in this resource are colored cards, and B&W cards. You can place the colored cards in your Literacy Center for your students to practice.

When working with a small group of students, I like to pull out the specific punctuation cards we are working on then. So for example, if we’re learning about commas (pausing for meaning), I’ll choose a few comma cards for them to practice.


If you don’t want to print the cards in colored ink, you can print the B&W cards. The B&W cards were specifically made so that your students can color in the punctuation marks. They can then add them to their Literacy Notebooks.


*Note… the cards can be used multiple times for repeated practice. I like to practice the punctuation cards many times using different voices each time to make it fun!

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