Ready-to-use Teacher Professional Evaluation Goals for K-8 Teachers iReady Math

Ready-to-use Teacher Professional

Evaluation Goals for K-8 Teachers iReady Math


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Do you teach math using iReady by Curriculum Associates in your district?
Do you have to write goals to use for your teacher evaluation based on those goals?
Me too!
In this resource, I'm providing you with copies of my teacher evaluation goals that I've used for the past 3 years.
They're based on the iReady diagnostic.
The goals listed in this document are REAL PROFESSIONAL GROWTH GOALS that I’ve written and used over the past few years. They’ve all been approved by my administrators. I’ve also helped dozens of teachers in my district to write their goals based on the goals I’ve written. These goals can be used for grades K-8 math and correspond to the data in the iReady online diagnostic tool.
Goal Type:
This is a math goal for K-8 teachers, based on iReady’s online diagnostic tool.
How to Use This Goal:
You can copy the text provided and edit it as needed based on your own data.
You’re probably using the Fall scores (or beginning of year scores), but it is possible that your district has you use scores from the end of the previous school year.
What’s Included?
My district uses a tool called TalentEd to manage the teacher evaluation system. The goal writing process has multiple pieces, which I’ve included here. Although the system you use to enter your goals may vary, it is very likely that you will be asked to include many of the parts I’m required to in some form or another.
**There are two copies of everything in this document. One version is NOT editable and is there in case you delete parts and want to look back at them. The other version is fully editable. I am using the free font Avenir. You can use whatever font you want to.
Although this is Power Point document, you can upload it into your Google Drive and open it as a Google Doc if you don’t have Power Point available to you.
Baseline Data-This is where you attach your own data, I always attach a PDF version of my students’ Fall diagnostic scores which I download directly from the iReady site. This document will NOT include baseline data, that is for you to provide.
Assessments- You will be provided a description of the iReady diagnostic assessment that you can copy and paste into your own goal document.
Goal Statement You will be provided two possible goal statements that you can copy and paste and edit as needed with your specific student scores. One is based on overall raw scores and one is based on individual domain levels.

RationaleYou will be provided a rationale statement that you can copy and paste and edit as needed with any grade-level specific information. This talks about why your goal is important.

Strategies- You will be provided a written statement about strategies you can use to meet your goal. You can copy and past and edit this as needed. These strategies will help you reach the goal.
Professional Learning and Support-You will be provided a written statement about professional learning and support that you might need in order to reach your goal. You can copy and edit this as needed.
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