Realidades Level 2 Ch. 1A+B

Realidades Level 2 Ch. 1A+B "Vocab

Folds" Vocab practice worksheet


7 - 8, 9 - 12


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This is a "Vocab Fold", with the list of Vocab words on the left, and 3 columns for students to write the vocab in English-Spanish-English, then a reminder to do another column of Spanish on the back. A great way for students to learn the vocab, especially if they do it one column at a time, folding the 2nd to previous column back so they don't have the answers. Makes them use their brains. By the last column, they will know most of the words really well. This includes both a MS Word .doc (so you can edit it) and a PDF version. Both Chapter 1A and 1B included. 

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