Rome & Juliet and the 19th Amendment

Rome & Juliet and the 19th Amendment


9 - 12


Arts/Music, English Language Arts

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Engaging students in the works of Shakespeare can sometimes be a little challenging. How can you hook them in despite the difficult language? Try looking at the text through a different lens.


In this activity students will examine the 19th Amendment stretching their informational text skills. There are questions that target a variety of Reading for Information standards. Then students will synthesize that information with their understanding of Act III, Scene 5 in Romeo and Juliet to determine how the play would be different if it was written after the passing of the 19th Amendment. Finally, students will engage in the creative writing task, targeting W.3, by rewriting the scene as though women had already been given the right to vote. This assignment also includes a grading rubric for the rewritten scene.



- Targeted questions for the 19th Amendment

- Writing Prompt targeting Act III, Scene V

- Grading Rubric


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