STEM and Engineering Challenge MEGA pack #1 with 50 learning activities

STEM and Engineering Challenge MEGA pack

#1 with 50 learning activities


1 - 3, 4 - 6, 7 - 8, 9 - 12, Home School



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I've redesigned and cleaned up all of my 50 stem labs in this new version. What's new? They're in full color with updated designs. Grading suggestions have been redone. Old typos and errors have been cleared up. Directions have been cleared up. Materials lists have been added. More teacher options have been added. Forms and Journal pages have been added!
This is the kind of thing you'll want to print, hole-punch, and put in a binder!
Get all 50 of my popular STEM challenges in one pack.
Included in the pack you will find:
10 Seconds and Counting... (Balloons, Fliers, Height)
3-2-1 Launch! (Distance, Ping Pong Balls, Rubber Bands, Throwers)
All Ramped Up (Cars, Distance, Tracks)
All Tangled Up (Chains, Materials Strength, String, Weight)
Bridge to Nowhere (Bridges, Materials Strength, Paper, Weight)
Bridging the River Sticks (Bridges, Materials Strength, Toothpicks, Weight)
Can Crusher (Dead Lift, Foil, Materials Strength, Weight)
Come Fly With Me (Fliers, Plastic Straws, Time)
Crash Test Dummies (Cars, Crashes, Tracks)
Daisy Chains (Chains, Materials Strength, Paper, Weight)
Dead Lift (Dead Lift, Materials Strength, Plastic Straws, Weight)
Down the Chute (Accuracy, Marbles, Tracks)
Egg Survivor I - High Falls (Crashes, Eggs, Height, Scavengers)
Egg Survivor II - Smallest Winner (Crashes, Eggs, Height, Scavengers)
Egg Survivor III - Rolling Eggs (Cars, Crashes, Eggs, Scavengers, Tracks)
Egg Survivor IV - Log Flume (Boats, Crashes, Eggs, Scavengers, Tracks, Wind, Water)
Egg Survivor V - Mars Lander (Balloons, Crashes, Eggs)
Fire Away! (Distance, Rubber Bands, Throwers)
Foilty Towers (Foil, Height, Towers)
Get it Running (Cars, Distance, Rubber Bands)
Hang Ten! (Airplanes, Fliers, Paper, Time)
High Clips (Height, Paper Clips, Towers)
H.M.S. Speedboat (Boats, Cars, Scavengers, Speed, Wind)
House of Cards (Height, Notecards, Towers)
Huff and Puff Your House Down (Crashes, Materials Strength, Notecards, Plastic Straws)
Landing Pad (Accuracy, Airplanes, Fliers, Paper)
Lay it All on the Line (Balloons, Distance, Fliers, String)
Leaning Towers (Height, Paper, Towers)
Marble Madness (Marbles, Scavengers, Time, Tracks)
Marshmallows Away (Distance, Marshmallows, Paper Clips, Throwers)
Merry-Go-Round (Balloons, Scavengers)
Off to the Races (Cars, Speed, Tracks)
On a Strong Note (Dead Lift, Materials Strength, Notecards, Weight)
Pipe Dreams (Dead Lift, Materials Strength, Pipe Cleaners, Weight)
Plastic Bridges (Bridges, Length, Plastic Straws)
Rickety Old Bridge (Bridges, Cars, Length, Materials Strength, String, Weight)
Rubber Match (Chains, Materials Strength, Rubber Bands, Weight)
Strong as Aluminum (Chains, Foil, Materials Strength, Weight)
Take the High Road (Cars, Scavengers, Time, Tracks)
Take to the Winds (Scavengers, Wind)
Tin Highway (Bridges, Foil, Materials Strength, Weight)
To the Moon and Back (Airplanes, Distance, Fliers, Paper)
Toothpick Towers (Height, Toothpicks, Towers)
Tube Frame Towers (Height, Plastic Straws, Towers)
We Can Fly Anything! (Airplanes, Distance, Fliers, Paper)
Weakest Link (Chains, Materials Strength, Paper Clips, Weight)
What Floats Your Boat I (Boats, Buoyancy, Clay, Water)
What Floats Your Boat II (Boats, Buoyancy, Foil, Water)
What Floats Your Boat III (Boats, Buoyancy, Toothpicks, Water)
Whirly Birds (Fliers, Height, Rubber Bands)
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