STEM and Engineering Challenge MEGA pack #2 with 50 learning activities

STEM and Engineering Challenge MEGA pack

#2 with 50 learning activities


1 - 3, 4 - 6, 7 - 8, 9 - 12, Home School



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I've redesigned and cleaned up all of my 50 stem labs in this new version. What's new? They're in full color with updated designs. Grading suggestions have been redone. Old typos and errors have been cleared up. Directions have been cleared up. Materials lists have been added. More teacher options have been added. Forms and Journal pages have been added!

This is the kind of thing you'll want to print, hole-punch, and put in a binder!

Get all 50 of my physics labs for STEM (science, technology, engineering, & math) into one handy file. Get a lot more for a lot less! This is less than half the cost of buying them in packs or individually!

Included in the pack you will find:
Bayou Fanboats (Balloons, Boats, Buoyancy, Distance, Speed, Water)
Ben Franklin’s Kites (Fliers, Foil, Height, String, Wind)
Cable Cars I (Cable Cars, Plastic Straws, Scavengers, String, Weight)
Cable Cars II (Cable Cars, Capacity, Plastic Straws, Scavengers, String, Water)
Cantilever Catastrophe I (Cantilevers, Length, Materials Strength, Paper)
Cantilever Catastrophe II (Cantilevers, Length, Materials Strength, Plastic Straws)
Cantilever Catastrophe III (Cantilevers, Length, Materials Strength, Pipe Cleaners)
Cantilever Catastrophe IV (Cantilevers, Length, Materials Strength, Popsicle Sticks, Toothpicks)
Cantilever Catastrophe V (Cantilevers, Foil, Length, Materials Strength)
Claymore Tower (Clay, Height, Towers)
Clean Sweep (Bridges, Materials Strength, Pipe Cleaners, Weight)
Coin Collection (Coins, Scavengers, Sorting)
Construction Chaos I (Accuracy, Gears, Levers, Pulleys, Scavengers)
Construction Chaos II (Accuracy, Gears, Levers, Pulleys, Scavengers)
Construction Chaos III (Accuracy, Gears, Levers, Pulleys, Scavengers)
Copper Road (Coins, Paper, Time, Tracks)
Discus (Coins, Distance, Throwers)
Frisbees (Distance, Fliers)
Glass Bottom Boats (Boats, Marshmallows, Pipe Cleaners, Plastic Wrap, Water, Wind)
Golden Arches I (Arches, Height, Paper)
Golden Arches II (Arches, Height, Plastic Straws)
Golden Arches III (Arches, Foil, Height)
Golden Arches IV (Arches, Height, Pipe Cleaners)
Golden Arches V (Arches, Height, Popsicle Sticks, Toothpicks)
Golden Arches VI (Arches, Clay, Height)
The Irrigator (Plastic Straws, Scavengers, Time, Tracks, Water)
Kitetastrophe! (Fliers, Foil, Height, Paper, Plastic Wrap, String, Wax Paper, Wind)
Lead Sinker (Boats, Buoyancy, Ping Pong Balls, Scavengers, Water, Weight)
Leaning Tower of Pasta (Height, Marshmallows, Pasta, Towers)
Look Out Below! (Fliers, Scavengers, Time)
Lost Your Marbles (Marbles, Ping Pong Balls, Scavengers, Sorting)
Make it Rain (Balloons, Distance, Popsicle Sticks, Rubber Bands, Throwers, Water)
Marshmallow Mayhem (Crashes, Marshmallows, Scavengers)
Marshmallow Snowman Pileup (Cars, Crashes, Marshmallows, Tracks)
Nice Cold Drink (Scavengers, Sorting, Water)
The Old Swimming Raft (Boats, Buoyancy, Ping Pong Balls, Scavengers, Water, Weight)
Pin the Tail on the Balloon (Balloons, Crashes, Scavengers)
Ping Pong Madness (Cardboard Tubes, Paper, Ping Pong Balls, Time, Tracks)
Ping Pong Mortars (Cardboard Tubes, Height, Ping Pong Balls, Throwers)
The Pipeworks (Height, Pipe Cleaners, Towers)
Pneumatic Cannon (Balloons, Cardboard Tubes, Distance, Ping Pong Balls, Throwers)
Pump You Up (Cardboard Tubes, Dead Lift, Materials Strength, Weight)
Rain Marbles Down on Them! (Distance, Marbles, Popsicle Sticks, Rubber Bands, Throwers)
Splashing Around (Gears, Rotation, Scavengers, Water)
Tear the Trampoline I (Materials Strength, Plastic Wrap, Trampolines, Weight)
Tear the Trampoline II (Materials Strength, Trampolines, Wax Paper, Weight)
Tear the Trampoline III (Materials Strength, Tissue, Trampolines, Weight)
Tear the Trampoline IV (Materials Strength, Paper, Trampolines, Weight)
Tubular Balls (Accuracy, Cardboard Tubes, Distance, Ping Pong Balls, Tracks)
Wheel of Fortune (Gears, Rotation, Rubber Bands, Scavengers)


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