STEM and Engineering Challenge MEGA pack #3 with 50 learning activities

STEM and Engineering Challenge MEGA pack

#3 with 50 learning activities


1 - 3, 4 - 6, 7 - 8, 9 - 12, Home School



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I've redesigned and cleaned up all of my 50 stem labs in this new version. What's new? They're in full color with updated designs. Grading suggestions have been redone. Old typos and errors have been cleared up. Directions have been cleared up. Materials lists have been added. More teacher options have been added. Forms and Journal pages have been added!

This is the kind of thing you'll want to print, hole-punch, and put in a binder!

Get all 50 of my NEW physics labs for STEM (science, technology, engineering, & math) into one handy file. These are not yet available individually or in packs. This is the only way to get these.

Included in the pack you will find:
A Breathe of Fresh Air (Air, Fliers, Height, Plastic Straws, Scavengers)
Block and Tackle (Glue, Paperclips, Popsicle Sticks, Spools, String, Weight, Wood)
Blowguns (Air, Distance, Plastic Straws, Throwers)
Bottle Blasters (Air, Bottles, Distance, Scavengers, Throwers)
Crossbows (Distance, Rubber Bands, Scavengers, Throwers)
Egg Survivor VI - Flak Jackets (Crashes, Eggs, Height, Scavengers, Survival)
Eggs in a Basket (Cups, Ping Pong Balls, Scavengers, Survival)
Flippers (Levers, Scavengers, Weight)
Flushers (Bottles, Cups, Scavengers, Water)
Glue-ten Free (Dead Lift, Glue, Materials Strength, String, Weight, Yarn)
Golden Arches VI - Coins (Arches, Coins, Height)
Gone Fishin’ (Paperclips, Plastic Straws, Scavengers, Spools, String, Weight)
Gummy Bridges (Bridges, Gumdrops, Length, Toothpicks)
Gummy Towers (Gumdrops, Height, Toothpicks, Towers)
Hand Mixer (Gears, Paper Clips, Scavengers, Water)
Homemade Orchestra I - Percussion (Music, Scavengers, Sound, Time)
Homemade Orchestra II - Strings (Music, Scavengers, Sound, String, Time)
Homemade Orchestra III - Wind (Music, Scavengers, Sound, Time, Wind)
Homemade Orchestra IV - Full Orchestra (Music, Scavengers, Sound, Time, Wind)
Jet-Puff Bridges (Bridges, Marshmallows, Materials Strength, Pasta, Weight)
King of Cups (Cups, Height, Towers)
Let’s Get Cooking (Chocolate, Foil, Heat, Melting, Scavengers, Sunlight, Time)
Marshmallow Blaster (Distance, Marshmallows, Scavengers, Throwers)
Monster Truck Rally (Cars, Crashes, Survival, Tracks)
Peanut Tower (Height, Packing Peanuts, Toothpicks, Towers)
Pinball Fever (Clothespins, Marbles, Scavengers, Time)
Running Uphill (Cups, Scavengers, Time, Water)
Salty Bridges (Bridges, Glue, Length, Pretzels)
Scavenger Bikes (Bikes, Gears, Rubber Bands, Scavengers)
Ski Jump (Cardboard Tubes, Distance, Golf Balls, Marbles, Ping Pong Balls)
Spaghetti Bridges (Bridges, Glue, Materials Strength, Pasta, Weight)
Starchy Goodness (Glue, Height, String, Towers, Yarn)
Sticky Planes (Accuracy, Fliers, Paper, Tape, Velcro)
Straw Rafts (Boats, Buoyancy, Plastic Straws, Water, Weight)
Stringy Situation (Bridges, Glue, Materials Strength, String, Weight, Yarn)
Suspension Bridges (Bridges, Materials Strength, Scavengers, String, Weight)
Target Practice (Accuracy, Distance, Rubber Bands, Scavengers, Throwers)
Throwing Money Away (Clothespins, Coins, Distance, Throwers)
Trebuchets (Distance, Levers, Marbles, Scavengers, Throwers)
Versus I - The Takedown (Crashes, Scavengers, Survival, Throwers, Towers, Versus)
Versus II - The Splashdown (Boats, Crashes, Scavengers, Survival, Throwers, Versus, Water)
Versus III - The Crashdown (Crashes, Cups, Golf Balls, Scavengers, Survival, Throwers, Versus)
Versus IV - The Rundown (Cars, Crashes, Packing Peanuts, Toothpicks, Scavengers, Survival, Versus)
Volume Up (Popsicle Sticks, Rubber Bands, Volume)
Washboard (Scavengers, Sponges, Time, Water)
Water Delivery (Cups, Scavengers, Time, Water)
Webbed Up (Materials Strength, String, Weight, Yarn)
What’s for Breakfast? (Cereal, Scavengers, Sorting)
Wooden Cars (Cars, Glue, Popsicle Sticks, Spools, Toothpicks, Wood)
Wooden Railway (Glue, Popsicle Sticks, Spools, Toothpicks, Tracks, Trains, Wood)

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