School: Conversation Templates for Interpersonal Speaking

School: Conversation Templates for

Interpersonal Speaking


7 - 8, 9 - 12


ELL/Bilingual Ed., Foreign Languages

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Interpersonal speaking is difficult to practice, but Conversation Templates can help! In these 6 school themed activities,

  • Novice students talk about a hard class and share their opinions on their school experience
  • Intermediate Low students negotiate plans for a group project and share study tips
  • Intermediate High students negotiate conflicts between a student and teacher and between a parent and teen

What is a Conversation Template?

Conversation Templates are a tool for scaffolding interpersonal speaking through structured, open-ended prompts, which help students listen to their partner, respond appropriately, and negotiate meaning. As students practice the same Conversation Template multiple times, they improve command of language structures, vocabulary, and fluency. Ultimately, Conversation Templates improve students’ interpersonal speaking proficiency, leading to more confidence and more fun! 


  • PDF Download 
  • A link to copy editable Google Slides
  • Cover
  • About this Lesson
  • Instructions
  • Differentiation and Extension Suggestions
  • 6 Student Conversation Template Handouts, to use in pairs
    • 2 novice high 
    • 2 intermediate low
    • 2 intermediate mid

How it Works

  • Students use the target language role play in pairs 
  • English prompts help structure the conversation, while allowing creative expression
  • Students must listen and react to their partner
  • After a few attempts, provide instruction on challenging vocabulary and structures, then let students try again. 
  • Practice the same conversation multiple times, in different roles, and with different partners to improve detail, fluency, and confidence.
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