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By using Social Media for Networking, you’ll get everything you need to teach a workshop, eCourse, or unit on how to use social media to network with colleagues, potential clients and partners, and influencers.

 Here's what you'll teach in Using Social Media for Networking . . .

There are 5 modules in the course and here are the learning objectives for the course:

Identify Your Social Media Networking Goals

In this first module, you'll cover the benefits of using social media to grow and nurture a professional network. Participants will identify their primary goals for professional networking, regardless of where they're doing it, so they have a focus in mind before creating a social media networking plan.

Set Up Your Social Profiles for Success

Participants will then select the best social networks for their goals so that they're not wasting precious time online. They'll refine their social media profiles to reflect their core message and business goals so that any new connection can quickly understand who they are, what they do, and the value they offer.

Pick the Best Social Networking Tactics for Your Goals

In module three you'll cover effective methods to build new and existing relationships on social media, including how these integrate with other methods, depending on current relationships and professional networking goals.

Start Networking – the Right Way

Participants will identify specific people they want to connect with online, both new and current contacts, so they'll start social media networking with quick wins. They'll prepare different messages and content for initial outreach, depending on their goals and the social platform, so they can catch people’s attention and start off relationships on the most relevant track while keeping an open mind to other opportunities.

Create Your Systems for Growing and Nurturing Your Network

In this last module, you'll show your students how to create a system for tracking their network of relationships and how they're interacting (online and offline) so they can follow up appropriately, decide on next steps, and continue to build relationships. In the final activity, they'll create a plan for continually finding new contacts through social media and developing relationships with them.

And to teach the program above, here's exactly what you'll get in the Social Media for Networking package:

Course eBook (44 pages) Everything you need to learn in order to implement the topics covered in the course.

Workbook (9 pages) – To use alongside the activities outlined in the Course Book

Summary of Key Points (14 pages) – An outline of all the key points, which acts as a great cheat sheet reference for people to remember what they learned

Slides Deck (101 Slides) – Ready to use as you teach the unit in your class.


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