Standards Based Grading Math Quizzes Apply Integer Exponent Properties Set 1

Standards Based Grading Math Quizzes

Apply Integer Exponent Properties Set 1


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Do you use standards based grading in your math class and struggle with making new test versions for retakes?
These quick quizzes target individual math standards and are easy to grade and organize in a standards based grade book.
These quizzes are for CCSS 8.EE.A.1, Know and Apply Integer Exponent Properties to Simplify Expressions
About this product:
•This resource contains two versions of math quizzes that ask students to simplify exponential expressions using basic exponent laws. Answer keys are provided.
•Each quiz contains four questions. The quizzes are formatted in an easy to use way and provide space for student explanations when needed.
•These quizzes are perfect for standards based grading (the standard is clearly listed) and perfect for providing retakes if students don’t get it the first time around.
•These quizzes are quick to grade…I can grade a class set of 35 in about 15 minutes!
Suggested ways to use:
•Use version A as a pre-test or first test and version B as a retake if needed.
•Use version A as a practice test and version B as a “real test”.


Teacher tips:

There are many ways you can score the quizzes
•Use your own rubric or your school’s rubric to score the quizzes.
•Use traditional points and percents.
•Assign each question multiple points and give students partial credit for partially correct answers.
•Use standards based descriptions such as ‘M’ for meets, ‘E’ for exceeds, etc.


There are many ways to use the quizzes

•Use one version as a pre-test…see what your students already know before you start.•Use one version as a preview for students so they can see what kind of questions will be on a future test.
•Use for review or reteaching.
•Allow students to “test out” of a concept if they can show they already know it!
•Use to refresh a concept that students were introduced to in the past.
•Analyze quiz results so you know where reteaching is needed.
•Provide to intervention teachers so they know exactly what to practice.
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