Sudoku Probability Pack

Sudoku Probability Pack


9 - 12



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Advanced Placement (AP)

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Six self-checking probability puzzles suitable for AP Statistics.  Two puzzles involve first principles (e.g. trees, tables, general probability).  Two puzzles have problems using the normal, geometric, and binomial distributions.  Two puzzles are a mixture of all problem types.

Each puzzle is a 6x6 sudoku with 18 probability problems labeled A to R.  The answer to each probability question is converted to a number from 1 to 6 which is then written into the lettered cell.  After all problems are completed, students can solve the sudoku as a check on their answers.

These puzzles can be used as quiz or test reviews during the probability unit or to give students extra practice with the topics.  They also work well at the end of the year when reviewing for the AP exam in May.   

 A complete answer key: problem answers with work as well as the completed sudoku is included for each puzzle.

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