The Mitten Lesson Plan - Common Core Kindergarten Standards

The Mitten Lesson Plan - Common Core

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The Big Fitz - Rigby Literacy - Big Book, Audio Recording/Student Readers
Common Core Standards for Third and Fourth Grades
Lesson Plan format is based on TEAM Evaluation Model

This lesson is designed for Direct Instruction Guided Reading, Small Groups and Differentiated Instruction for the Rigby Literacy Book - The Big Fitz. (If you have access to Rigby Literacy - you will find that it has a Big Book for read aloud and modeling, an audio recording for whole/small group listening, and student reader books. This download is the lesson plan I wrote accompanying these classroom resources to be common core aligned.) 
It is common core aligned with third and fourth grade standards. 
This is the lesson plan only. It features non-fiction, informational text standards and teaches text features. *I cannot sell or reproduce the materials used since they are copyrighted to Rigby.
The lesson plan does include: hook, guided reading direct instruction, small group centers activities, differentiated and enrichment (across the curriculum) instruction ideas. It also has I can statements that are student friendly and measurement statement goals. This lesson plan follows the Tennessee TEAM model for evaluation. All areas are included from the TEAM model rubric. I included a pdf AND word format so that it is editable. Thanks!

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