Time Management for Busy Teens

Time Management for Busy Teens


7 - 8, 9 - 12


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  • 20 slide powerpoint
  • 5 page lesson plan (that can be taught in one hour or spread out over 4 - 30 minute sessions
  • 5 page student resource packet that includes "Time Measurement," "Setting Priorities," "To-Do List," "Daily Schedule," and "Resources."


As kids get older they have more constraints on their time. It becomes easy to allow many distractions keep us from accomplishing what is important.


With many virtual options for their education, managing time is more important now than ever!


In this lesson, you will be given a script that goes along with the Powerpoint. You can teach it all in one hour or spread it out over 3-4 half hour sessions (which allows for follow up.) In the first part, is a self-assessment that essentially "primes" them for the lesson.


Students will learn how to keep track of their time so that they may better manage it. They will be taught how to track their time, identify their priorities, create a useful "to-do" list, schedule, and identify time wasters!


The lesson is a mix of presenting information, discussion and interaction, and opportunity to apply what has been learned. Resources will be provided.

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