Nicole Weissert

Nicole Weissert

Nutley, New Jersey, United States

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Teaching Experience

I am a 1st-year high school biology and forensics teacher in NJ but I have also taught 8th grade integrated science down in NC for 3 years.

My Teaching Style

I love to provide hands-on materials for my students to practice with the content. I feel like the more choice my students have and the move movement going on in my classroom, the more my students are learning!

Honors / Awards / Shining teacher moment

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My own educational history

I went to Fairleigh Dickinson University in NJ where I got my degree in Biology and Chemistry. I then went into a lateral entry teacher program called TEACH Charlotte, where I taught 8th-grade science while working towards my master's degree. In May 2018, I graduated from Johns Hopkins University with my master's degree in education with a concentration in secondary ed.

Additional Biographical Information

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7 - 8, 9 - 12