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Parsa Rezvani

United States

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Teaching Experience

My focus has always been on how best to support the teachers, tutors, and community volunteers that work with the students. Specifically, my experiences have focused on streamlining the tedious, supportive tasks that allow educational instructors to focus on what they love to do, work with students. This is what led me to found, to provide a safe, secure, and complete tutoring and mentorship ecosystem for nonprofits and schools.

My Teaching Style

I strongly believe that the best teachers and tutors double as role models as well as academic instructors. The social emotional development of a student is as integral to the maturity and future success of the student as anything else. Learning should be fun for students and while teachers and tutors should set clear expectations

Honors / Awards / Shining teacher moment

I like to define my personal success as a reflection of the students, teachers, and tutors that I support. 90% of the students that spend at least 1 hour with a teacher or tutor on Tutorfly's digital learning platform improve a full letter grade. 92% of individuals surveyed reported feeling more confident as a result of these interactions. The fact that Tutorfly's private, secure tutoring platforms for nonprofits and schools can fuel these kinds of results keep us moving forward daily.

My own educational history

I attended public schools from Kindergarten through my university years at UCLA. My father is a community college teacher at DeAnza College and I've spent countless hours at the learning center there and at K-12 schools, observing the incredibly impactful work of teachers, peer tutors, and community members that tutor and volunteer students.

Additional Biographical Information

I am the cofounder of, a company that supports nonprofit tutoring, mentorship, and faith-based organization with their customized websites to use for tutoring and mentorship. 5 out of the 6 of our team members