Sarah Malczewski

Sarah Malczewski

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Teaching Experience

I have been teaching and creating my own lessons for 6 years now. I have experience teaching Common Core Algebra for 2 years, Geometry for 1 year, Common Core Geometry for 2 years, and Personal Finance for 3 years. I have created my own curriculum, integrating NYS Learning Standards and Common Core Learning Standards. I have recently been a math support teacher at the elementary level, working with students from grades pre-K to 4. I am currently a Gifted and Talented teacher at the elementary level and am designing my own curriculum to promote creativity and critical thinking for grades K and 1.

My Teaching Style

I have experimented with different teaching styles throughout my 6 years. My teaching style varies depending on the class needs. For example, in my Personal Finance course, the class is very project based and student centered. My Geometry and Algebra courses are more traditional styled around the gradual release model (I do, we do, you do). My current teaching style involves high student participation and involvement with the teacher acting as a guide.

Honors / Awards / Shining teacher moment

I have been a member of Kappa Delta Pi for 7 years. I graduated top of my education class, receiving the William F. Kean Excellence in Education award from Canisius College.

My own educational history

I went to Canisius College for my undergraduate education, receiving a Bachelor's Degree in Adolescence Education with a concentration in Mathematics. I currently have my professional NYS certification. I also have my Master's Degree from Canisius College in Differentiated Instruction.

Additional Biographical Information

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