Ted Dorsey

Ted Dorsey

Los Angeles, California, United States

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Teaching Experience

• Founder, Tutor Ted, Inc. • SAT/ACT Tutor Since 2000 • Author of seven test prep books that have sold tens of thousands of copies (including four available now on Amazon) • Co-creator of the "Emotes!" series of books for children

My Teaching Style

In one made-up word... "non-boring."

Honors / Awards / Shining teacher moment

I'm proud of the success our tutoring company has had to date, but I am MORE proud of the recognition I've received for the volunteer work I've done. I was elected to the P.F. Bresee Foundation's Hall of Fame in 2014. I also received the Halo Award from the Carl and Roberta Deutsch Foundation for my work helping underprivileged, frequently undocumented youth, become the first members of their families to attend college.

My own educational history

A.B., Princeton University — English major, Theatre minor M.A., UCLA — Education

Additional Biographical Information

I am simply someone who loves to teach. If that's nerdy, so be it. I love finding the connective tissue that links what we know. More importantly, I want to find out WHY we know what we know. Knowing that tells us more about why we are here, and what it means to be human.