Wayne and Robin

Wayne and Robin

California, United States

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Teaching Experience

We are retired teachers having taught across many grades subjects, as well as being guidance counselors and school and district administrators. After leaving the classroom, we worked in the edtech field providing educator expertise to software development. We have developed these resources for classroom use and hired artists to dress up the pages and visuals. When we have spare time, we will keep adding more content. Our resources honor both roles of the teacher and learner. Both are curious and active in their pursuit of learning. Each has interests, abilities, and needs. Each arrives in classrooms with varying knowledge, life experiences, and backgrounds. We enable teachers to guide student learners to make connections from their experiences to the learning, to the real world.

My Teaching Style

We believe in conceptual development over rote drill and practice; problem-solving over solution finding; connecting learning content and activities to the student's experiences in the real world.

Honors / Awards / Shining teacher moment

Awards and recognitions include Best Elearning, Apple Teacher Recognition, School Administrator of the Year finalist, Diva Award, and Executive of the Year.

My own educational history

Wayne Poncia: MEd., BEd, BA Robin Poncia MEd, BSc, Elementary, Certified Early Childhood (Master's Level) wponcia@gmail.com

Additional Biographical Information

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