About Us

Peertopia was founded in 2018 as a platform where educators could create, sell, and exchange digital K-12 curricular products. Fast forward to 2024 and Peertopia has now pivoted to Peertopia Connect. Providing an online automated platform focusing on filling your positions in schools and districts. We look forward to helping.

Peertopia Connect’s website offers a very simple and intuitive way for administrators to post open positions within their schools and districts. There are five simple steps in the process of posting jobs:

  • Easy Registration / Login
  • Post jobs to a preformatted form
  • Build a List of candidates by Job Title from a pool of 3.2 million K-12 employees
  • Our team deploys the emails to your chosen list of contacts on your deployment date
  • You receive campaign reports with leads and a 90-day post. We also regularly deploy our newsletter, with a circulation of 4 million currently employed educators and workers within the K-20 arena, promoting our website and access to search- Your Posts.

Peertopia Connect does all of the heavy lifting when it comes to offering a Jobs Board “plan of action”. It’s one thing to have a passive website that posts open positions to anyone that happens to do a search, but it’s quite another thing to actively, have us email already qualified candidates that are currently employed in similar positions nationwide. Each job post receives up to 4,000 contacts that we email on your behalf. You receive the emails directly from the prospects with their attached resumes at your fingertips, in your Peertopia Connect account.

Pricing is simple. There are no monthly subscriptions or add-on fees.

Here is a list of K-12 contacts that you have the easy ability to connect with using our Build A List platform: Job Titles

Start your search for qualified, quality, candidates today: Post a Job

“We look forward to working for you”

Peertopia Connect